Personal Hideaway

Everyone needs the occasional break from the rat race: a place to unwind, relax and regroup. You can shut out the chaos of the day and relax, read, paint, or whatever you dream of doing. But what if you didn’t have to pay for a fancy spa trip or exotic resort every time you needed a break? What if you could distance yourself from the disarray to a haven mere steps from your backdoor? Create your own Personal Hideaway — and make it uniquely yours!

When life gets tough, the tough get going… to own personal hideaway!

For those hardworking moms, dads and individuals who need an hour or two to themselves every once in a while, turn your backyard into your own literal DreamSpace. There’s no need to hole up in the basement or lock yourself in the spare bedroom when you can create a Personal Hideaway of your own.

You can create your own private world away from all of the chaos and relax, read, paint, or whatever helps transport you to your “happy place”. Make it magical. Make it comfortable, soothing, engaging or entertaining.

In other words, make it yours by adding in the features that you want. Ensure you’ll be comfortable out there all year round with climate control and electrical package. You can add bookshelves, an entertainment center, a bar, a workbench, and more. Just let us know what you’re thinking of and we can make it happen.

Here’s what comes standard with your DreamSpace:

  • Roof is built with 2×4 rafters 16 in. O.C. and 1/2″ exterior-grade TechShield sheeting with lifetime (limited) architectural asphalt shingles
  • Walls have 2×4 studs 16 in. O.C. and TechShield wall sheathing
  • Floor is built with 2×4 pressure-treated floor joists 16 in. O.C. and 5/8″ exterior-grade plywood on top of 4×4 pressure-treated runners
  • Doors are non-prehung fiberglass or wood with a diamond-plate sill protector
  • Vertical slider windows come with screens and window trim

If you’re looking for your man cave or she-shed, any of our quality-built structures can be converted — or we can help you create your own completely custom structure. Whatever style you choose, the interior can be personalized with storage options like a loft, pegboard, shelving, or workbench.

Or maybe you want to change the look of your shed’s exterior with a reverse gable or Cape Cod dormer. We have lots of roof and window upgrades, as well as siding styles and colors to choose from. Top it all off with a cupola in either wood or vinyl.

We mean it when we say we want to construct a DreamSpace right for you. Our goal is complete customer satisfaction – your satisfaction!

Call us and talk to one of our friendly and creative design consultants who can help you figure out what works for your budget, your property, and your peace of mind. We want to help make your DreamSpace go up and your stress levels go down.


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