Amish Crafted Garages

For those people and properties that need lots of extra storage space, Landserv has Amish-crafted garages to suit your specific requirements. With five basic models and a number of sizes to select from, your large-scale storage needs should be taken care of before you know it.

One Story

Our versatile one-story Amish-made garage is built to maximize your storage space while also providing the perfect space for other uses. Choose from A-Frame, High Barn and Garden Shed styles.

Double Wide

Built in a classic A-frame style, these double-wide garages are delivered in two pre-fab sections, then attached at your location upon delivery.

Web Truss

The signature feature of our Web Truss Garages are the wide, open, uninterrupted spaces inside, along with a steeper roof pitch, no matter the length of the structure.

Attic Truss

An Attic Truss Garage expands your storage space, making use of the topmost area of your new one-story structure.

Two Story

A two-story garage literally raises the roof on what you can store and how much you can do, doubling your space while keeping the same footprint as a one-story.
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