Custom Built Amish Sheds

If you’re in the market for a quality-built Amish-made shed that’s meant to last and last, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better selection than ours. Designed and constructed by experts who know their business, and your backyard shed needs, these buildings are structurally sound and beautifully built.

Whether you plan to use for shed for storage, another purpose, or both, we’re confident we can meet and surpass your expectations. Prepare to be wowed!

Garden Shed

With a peak roof similar to the A-Frame, the Garden shed features larger 8-inch overhangs, a steeper roof pitch, and sturdy hurricane strap fasteners for each rafter. Although our focus is on quality, the Garden Shed also includes a range of customizable options and upgrades to best match your style, purpose, and budget.


The basic peak-roof structure with small overhangs extending from a 5/12-pitched roof makes our A-Frame shed the perfect option for a workshop. Consider adding optional shelving, a loft, or pegboard to help you keep everything organized and easy to find.

Colonial Garden

For shed shoppers seeking some ambience with their purchase, the Colonial Garden Shed could be just the thing. While similar in structure to our Garden Shed, it adds a more old-fashioned flair with a steeper 10-pitch roof, 12-inch overhangs, and decorative braces .

Garden Quaker

Borrowing aspects of our classic Garden Shed and our simplistically smooth Quaker Shed, the Garden Quaker brings an old-world style for new-world purposes. This compelling option comes complete with a steeper-pitched roof, 8-inch side and rear overhangs, an 18-inch overhang in the front, and hurricane clips. This style is reminiscent of the traditional and charming Carriage House design.


Looking at our Quaker shed, you’ll notice the roof's slight yet distinctive offset as a result of the higher front wall. This structure is also built with an 18" overhang in the front, with small overhangs on the sides and back. You may want to compare this style with the Garden Quaker, which has the same higher front wall, but has a steeper roof and 8" overhangs on the side and back.

High Barn

Designed in the classic gambrel style, the High Barn includes a three-ridged roof, with one at the peak and one on either side. This creates a second, steeper pitch along the outer edges, allowing for greater vertical space inside the building. A loft is the perfect add-on to the High Barn, giving you more room to store your garden equipment, power tools, and other "stuff".


As the name indicates, our Victorian Shed comes complete with class and charm. Its most striking feature is its reverse gable dormer. And while many shed shoppers decide to put it above the door(s), a set of windows, or a porch, the dormer can be set anywhere you want along the front wall. Match your home's roof style, down to the shingle type or color -- or choose a metal roof. All of our sheds are fully customizable.


The Studio shed is designed to fill your structure with light. Its double row of windows in front and additional windows on the side make the most of the sunshine streaming into your backyard, inspiring your creativity for music, dance, writing, weaving, painting, pottery, and more!

Hip Roof

If you like clean and modern symmetry, while still maintaining a touch of whimsy this is the structure for you. The Hip Roof Shed is composed of four sides, each sloping downward, allowing for a perfect peak on square buildings, and a center ridge line if the structure is rectangular. Available on A-Frame, Garden and Victorian styles.

Custom Shed

If you’re a dreamer or planner, we’re the shed builders who can handle most anything you throw our way. Our dedicated design consultants are excited to help you make your dream come true. So go ahead! Challenge them – and see something beautiful emerge in your backyard as a result.

New England Barn

It’s hard to go wrong with the efficient installation and maximum storage space the New England Barn offers. The roof is folded flat for delivery before being expertly mounted on-site. Best yet, because of the steep roof line, there is plenty of room for a spacious, heavy-duty loft covering half of the interior, almost creating a complete second level.


Built for both beginner and expert gardeners who want to start the spring and summer seasons early, the Greenhouse offers both room and results. Reclaim your windowsills and give your vegetables, fruit, flowers, and herbs a real place to put down roots.
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