Amish Built Animal Structures

Our animal structures are built with quality and function in mind, by folks who truly know their animals.  Our shop has generations of experience with animals, farming and gardening, and it shows in our workmanship and designs.

Horse Barns & Run-Ins

Shelter for horses and other livestock doesn't have to be second-class.  Our barns and run-ins provide a safe, dry and comfortable place for them, and can offer storage and organization for you!  A tack room can be added for all your valuable equipment, and overhangs provide additional protected space outside.  These structures are built without a floor and are ready to be placed right out in a field or on a foundation.

Dog Kennels

We can build a custom dog kennel out of any of our full-sized sheds, so Fido doesn't have to spend his days in a crate while the family is gone.  A dog kennel provides both shelter and the freedom to run outdoors in a safe, contained area.  It also provides shade on the hot days, and shelter from the cold and rain.  As part of our family, our pets deserve the best!

Chicken Coops

A chicken coop package can be added to any of our sheds.  You don't have to be locked into just one or two styles.  We have a wide selection of styles, sizes and exterior options.  Having chickens in your backyard is becoming more and more popular.  People want more control over where their food comes from.  Additionally, there is also a trend towards living a more sustainable lifestyle.  What a great way to provide a learning experience for the kids, teach them responsibility and get a great breakfast, too!
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