Exercise Room

Save yourself time, money and stress by moving the gym to your backyard. Cut out the traffic and the membership fees, listen to the music you love and never feel self conscious again! So no more excuses! It’s time to motivate yourself and your family into the healthier physical and mental lifestyle you’ve been craving.


Get healthy without the hassle

Why do so many of our exercise resolutions fail? Maybe it’s because the average gym is filled with too many negatives:

  • Muscle-bound people making you feel intimidated or self-conscious
  • Using the equipment after that sweat-soaked person ahead of you
  • The commute time
  • The membership fees
  • The gym hours
  • No childcare

Sound familiar? We have the solution to help you maintain your resolutions to get fit and healthy — create your own private Exercise Space right in your own backyard!

When you have a DreamSpace fitness center on your property, you cut out the drive time that destroys half your other goals for the day. Gone too are any intimidating or annoying fellow gym members, not to mention the membership fees you too often barely get value from.

Enjoy the benefits of having your own exercise room. Your personal, tailor-made fitness center will play your music your way without the need for earbuds or headphones that get awkward as you sweat. You can workout when you want and how you want. It pays for itself in so many ways every time you use it.

It’s a great way to motivate your spouse and children to get in shape too! Spend more time together and get the entire family away from all those electronic devices like TV screens, computer screens, tablets, and smartphones. Enjoy a healthier, more active, family-oriented lifestyle as you workout together.

Plus, you can work out in the temperature that is comfortable for you when you include climate control with a specialized electrical package. And there are plenty of other extras available, including lighting, a sound system, and even running water to freshen-up after a productive work-out. And don’t forget adding space for a mini-fridge to keep your water or electrolyte-infused power drink cool while you work up a sweat!

We’ve helped so many other people design their ideal, motivational, and empowering DreamSpaces™ before. Let us help you too!

Contact one of our friendly and knowledgeable design consultants today and tell them about your budget, property and what you’re looking for. Invest in your health. Invest in your future. Invest in your DreamSpace.


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