Studio Shed

Hardworking people need lots of space and lots of natural light, and that’s exactly what our Studio Sheds provide. Their front walls are a full 10-feet high, with a double row of windows that are specifically and strategically placed to make the sunlight work best for you. And with it’s stylish 8-inch overhangs the Studio Shed looks as good as it functions. Best of all, this tall shed can still be delivered directly to your property and placed on a stone pad or a poured foundation.

Let the sun shine in

Immediately recognizable with its double row of windows, the Studio Shed lets in lots of natural light, allowing the artist in you to compose, dance, write, weave, paint — or just take some much-needed moments to meditate.

The double row of windows on the front wall, along with additional windows on the sides of the structure maximize the light coming in to the space, reducing shadows and encouraging productivity and alertness.

The Studio Shed is also an ideal space to spend time outside of the daylight hours. In the evening, this DreamSpace is the perfect spot to sit back in the evening and enjoy the golden hour when everything looks beautiful and magical. After the sun sets, the windows are ideal for star gazing — or just spend your evening hanging out with friends and family without feeling “cooped-up”.

Even though this structure’s front wall reaches 10 feet high, the Studio Shed can still be delivered right to your backyard and set on the stone pad or poured foundation.

And you will be equally entranced by the style of the shed. The 8″ overhangs, along with a variety of window choices and siding types and colors for you to choose from, will make your Studio Shed it’s own work of art!

Here is some useful information and specifications for the Studio:

  • Roof is a gentle 3/12 pitch
  • Walls have 2×4 studs 16 in. O.C. and TechShield wall sheathing
  • Floor  – 2×4 pressure-treated floor joists 16 in. O.C. and 5/8″ exterior-grade plywood on top of 4×4 pressure-treated runners
  • Doors are non-prehung fiberglass or wood with a diamond-plate sill protector
  • Includes (4) four casement windows and (4) four vinyl transom windows

Ask our sales consultants about other options and upgrades available for the Studio. We’re right here to make this a great shed-buying experience for you. We can help you narrow down your choices and build a structure suits your budget and taste!



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