The weather might not be ready to start growing your garden, but you can be! There’s no longer a reason to stretch your planters out across kitchen tables or clutter up your windowsill space. Not when our Greenhouse allows you to get a hard start with planting your seeds and watching them sprout – outside and with full access to the sun. Choose from the classic A-Frame or a free-standing lean-to. The Greenhouse makes a great addition to any of our other buildings or it could be installed directly on a stone pad.

Room to grow

Getting a jump on growing season by starting vegetables and flowers inside is a “growing trend” (pun intended). If your kitchen table, dining room table, or window sills are cluttered with seeds you start each spring, you should consider investing in a quality greenhouse.

A green house will give you the room to grow healthy, organic, chemical-free fruits and vegetables; to cultivate beautiful flowers; and maybe even to teach your children or grandchildren the joys of gardening. A quality greenhouse can make all of the difference in your gardening efforts! That’s why we sought out expert advice on the best components and features possible before we designed our own maintenance-free greenhouse.

Quality 8mm twin-wall polycarbonate panels provide a semi-diffused light making it a dual-use greenhouse. And the pressure-treated structural frame has white vinyl exterior trim boards that offer maintenance-free, hassle-free durability. Two standard roof vents on either side are also a part of our greenhouse structure.

Do you need more advanced venting options? Consider our Univent hydraulic automatic lift opener. It’s sensitive to temperature, so it opens and closes as necessary to maintain optimal temperatures without additional electrical wiring. Or you could add on a solar fan/vent package for temperature control.

If you wish to match your greenhouse to your other structures, we offer is moisture-resistant, rot-resistant, termite-resistant paintable MiraTec composite trim. If you’re looking for new potting tables, we offer carefully crafted cedar workbenches or screened and coated gardening tables.

Take your pick between a free-standing lean-to for your greenhouse, or a classic A-Frame structure. We offer our greenhouse as an addition to any of our other buildings, or we can place it on a stone pad. Or perhaps consider installing it over a low cinder block foundation with a back wall to absorb the sun’s warmth and offer an additional raised bed.

It’s your choice. Whether you are just starting out on a clean-living kick or you’re a serious gardener that has been growing for years, our greenhouses are ready to give your green thumb the help it’s been looking for!



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